Shade Cloth Specifications

Not only is an outdoor canopy meant for rest in the outdoors, but also provides protection to your valuable outdoor assets from various weather elements. Canopies serve as cover, shade, shelter for your patio, yard, garden, parking space, plants, flowers, camping area, pool, and even construction area. Furthermore, canopies can be used for parties and weddings too, depending on the size of the canopy.

Heavy, Medium & Light Duty Tarps for the Nursery & Landscaping industries. Knit Mesh Landscaping tarps, Sod tarps, and shade tarps in various sizes and shade factors.

THOR shade covers make the perfect patio cover. Thor patio tarps are a great way to shade your patio as well as a great way to decorate the backyard. Ensure that your good time is not spoiled by inclement weather or heat!

NOTE: Enter all dimensions* as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)
Length: ' "
Width: ' "
Dimensions* Given as:
Grommet Spacing:
Grommet Size:

*Note on shade tarp dimensions: All shade tarps are delivered hemmed due to the fact that they are uncoated, and may unravel if not hemmed. "Cut Size" refers to the size of the tarp material before it is hemmed. "Finished Size" refers to the size of the actual tarp after it is hemmed. If you specify "Cut Size", be aware that the actual size of the tarp will be slightly smaller as a result of the hemming.