Hay and Cotton Bale Covers

THOR hay tarp covers are Super Heavy Duty. THOR hay tarps and hay bale covers are farmer's favorite because they know the level of craftsmanship needed in a demanding agrcultural environment. Each hay tarp is reinforced with a super tough poly fabric and a high tensile strength. Specially treated for long outdoor life, silver outer layer reflects light. These agricultural tarps are great for rain, snow & wind.

Tarp Length:' "
Tarp Width:' "
Fasteners*, etc.:
NOTE: Enter all dimensions as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)

*Fastener Information:
  • Grommets placed every 24"
  • D-Rings placed every 3'
  • Other types of fasteners available include hook and loop, drawstrings, and seatbelt webbing.