Fire Retardant Hanging Curtains

THOR fire resistant and fire retardant tarps are made of 100% cotton fabric and fully treated for water resistance and flame and fire retardancy. Heavy duty flame retardant tarps and fire retardant tarps are strong and earth-friendly. Flame retardant canvas tarps are breathable and won't accumulate water condensation. THOR Flame retardant tarps also resist water, mildew and rot. With multiple colors to choose from, THOR Tarp's flame retardant tarps are ideal for your equipment covers, machine covers, and outdoor covers. From flame retardant equipment covers to fire retardant covers, they can be used on any many applications which require strong yet breathable covers. Tarp Specifications

Curtain Width:' "
Curtain Height:' "
Grommets all four sides at 12"
Grommets at 12" across top,
2' down sides and pipe/chain
pocket bottom
• Enter all dimensions as feet & inches (eg. 12' 6", 14', 8", etc.)
• Seams run vertically